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quality Private Investigator For The Entire SF Bay Area

We realize that many San Francisco Bay Area private investigators have over inflated billing, so we went to work to solve that issue by offering low cost private investigation services.

We have compiled a list of services we can conduct for our clients from our office. Therefore, the cost of doing business is much lower than the matters that require us to go out of the office.

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Affordable Detective Near Me? Cheap Does Not Mean Inferior

Ever thought you'd need a Sherlock Holmes but worried about the Dr. Watson-sized fees? Private investigators provide invaluable services, but their costs can be a hurdle. In the San Francisco Bay Area, a hub of diversity and complexity, the demand for private investigators is high. But what if you're on a budget? Enter the world of affordable, low-cost private investigators. We're the unsung heroes for everyday people, and we're changing the narrative one case at a time.

Let's clear the air: "cheap" is often associated with low quality, but that's a myth we're here to debunk. Affordable private investigators aren’t cutting corners; they're simply offering essential services at prices accessible to more people.

Debunking The Myth On Affordable Private Investigation Costs

In the world of private investigation, expensive doesn’t always mean better. has  lower fees and highly experienced investigators. We reduce overheads, utilize local networks, and employ technology, passing savings onto clients. The key is understanding that affordability doesn't equate to a lack of professionalism or skill.

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The Real Costs of Private Investigation in the Bay Area

The real cost of hiring a private investigator anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area is overhead. 

Investigating in San Francisco can be pricey due to high living costs and operational expenses. However, our affordable detective services manage to keep rates low compared to national averages. How do we do this?

During the pandemic, we realized how unimportant some things are, especially an office. By cutting out an office, parking, electricity, internet, toll, fuel consumption, etc. we saved thousands per month off our expenses.

Then, we looked at how we could work from our home offices and still serve our clients with the utmost service. We came to understand that only 2 out of 100 clients came to our office. And, even this was by appointment only.

This gave our detective agency the impetus to slash costs and pass the savings on to our clients

What Services Qualify As Low Cost Private Investigations In the Bay Area?

Not everything we offer can be done at a low cost. There are some matters that may be more complicated than they appeared to be. We deal with may personal and business issues so this is understandable. However, a great deal of our office oriented services are at a now 50% discount over what they used to be.

Oakland California private investigator
Napa California private investigator

Cheap Private Investigator: Locations We Serve

Anywhere considered to be the San Francisco Bay Area is within reach of our low cost and affordable private investigation services. We are licensed California private investigators, so we can work anywhere in the State of California with our California private investigators license.

We serve the following counties with affordable investigation services:

  • San Francisco

  • Napa

  • Santa Clara

  • Contra Costa

  • Alameda

  • Solano

How We Can Be Low Cost Private Investigators

As we previously shared, we cut our costs by not having exhorbenent overhead. We also have streamlined some of the way we conduct our investigative services.

  • We rely on technology to maintain a smooth process between you and our agency.

  • We limit the amount of time we spend on the phone with our clients to ensure we are dedicating our time to why you hired us.

  • We simplify our reporting process with brief emails or text messages to our clients with our findings. Formal reports are available at extra cost.

  • You hire us with signing a text (SMS) based agreement and make your payment to us using an SMS link.

  • We have hand-picked the private investigation services we can offer at a low price.

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