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From The Desk of Sam Spade: Consumer Information From A Private Investigator

From the desk of Sam Spade is a place to share miscellaneous information that may help you understand the intricacies of the services we provide here at Spade & Archer.

Sam Spade Desk - Spade
From The Desk of Sam Spade

I'd like to welcome you to the first edition of From The Desk of Sam Spade. It is here, I have decided to share miscellaneous information on private investigations, cybersecurity, privacy and security, among other such points of interest. Some you may find useful in your situation, so take a few minutes to peruse this article.

Where It All Began

As an avid fan of the private detective genre, before coming into the world of intelligence more than 30 years ago, I was intrigued by the genre that precedes my time as a detective.

As you may know, Spade And Archer was the name of the fictional detective agency in the 1941 movie The Maltese Falcon featuring Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet among the other fine actors. It is from here our firm was named.

Sam Spade was the character played by Bogart as a San Francisco private detective and the partner of the Spade & Archer Detective Agency. Spade's partner, Miles Archer is killed in the first few minutes of the film. Fortunately, my business partners are still alive and kicking, and this allows us to provide a varying degree of discreet services that helps our clients understand the world around them and manage risk and vulnerabilities.

What Is Sam Spade?

Sam Spade™ is our trademark licensed to us for the use in distinguishing our services from others. It would be like Toyota being the company, and one of their products is the Tacoma truck. Sam Spade™ is our service mark for the private investigative services we offer. Spade & Archer™ is our trademark for the entirety of our business operations such as cybersecurity, open-source intelligence (OSINT), privacy services including helping one to disappear, security consulting and our concierge services.

Not all the services offered by Spade & Archer are private investigation services, or private investigation services we offer in California and other states such as Wyoming, and countries such as the United Kingdom. Sam Spade is specific service mark for investigative services in the United States.

Privacy Consulting - Disappear and Become Anonymous

We'd like to highlight our privacy services Cloaked™. We help people obtain custom plans for privacy in an ever-infringing world of data abuse.

The privacy gamut we cover ranges from securing your home or office network, all the way through to helping you disappear to another country. Yes, we help people who have the legal need, to disappear and start life over, legally and ethically.

Privacy is a right, and although this is bantered about among privacy centric technologies such as Proton, it is none the less true. Everyone has some part of their life they don't want to share with perfect strangers, yet we give privacy away in our every day interactions with technology, and companies. Most of the not even knowing that we are doing so.

What Does Cloaked Do?

As shared, the services we provide through our Cloaked product is completely bespoke. We create our service around the needs of the clients particulars. One could be a celebrity or could be the victim of a stalker. We have had clients that are trying to start a new life from an abusive spouse, and we have had executives hire us to create a decoy to ensure the safety of their family.

What Cloaked does is help people obtain security through obscurity. The more private you are, the greater your security may be.

If you have ever been curious about what it may take to disappear, or perhaps something a bit more innocuous as helping you delete your digital foot print, the be sure to get in touch with us to learn more.

Password Security and Protection

We'd like to strongly iterate to our readers the need for password management. If you are reading this, and do not know what a password manager is, or how to use one, feel free to contact us and we will give you the appropriate directions via email. A step-by-step guide from a trusted source is the best way to begin managing your passwords in a more secure way.

We say all this, because the scams that are perpetrated daily rely on shoddy passwords. The ones we think are clever, likely, really are not; such as "LoveMyDog96". Your passwords should look something like this:


If your passwords are not like this, then get in touch and we will be happy to email you with our step-by-step guide to better digital security.

Your Password Breach Is Coming

I can promise you that a breach to your digital security is not "if" it is when. Follow our guide and you can stave off the hungry wolves. These bad actors are hungry for your data and there is no stopping the evil monsters that want to take everything from you.

shadow of gun in window
Be aware of the crime in your community. It affects us all.

Recent Crime In the San Francisco Bay Area

Forewarned is forearmed. Be keenly aware of your communities crime issues as a whole, and even to a granular level.

Here are some recent crime issues in various cities within the San Francisco Bay Area:

San Francisco: Despite a general decrease in crime rates in early 2024, specific neighborhoods have experienced notable incidents. For instance, Mission Bay has seen a rise in violent crimes and break-ins, prompting residents to take extra safety precautions. In another recent incident, a man with a knife threatened a resident, highlighting ongoing concerns about personal safety in certain areas​ (The San Francisco Standard)​​ (SF Gov)​.

Oakland: The city has been focusing on tackling vehicle crime and freeway violence. Governor Gavin Newsom announced the installation of about 480 high-tech surveillance cameras across Oakland and nearby freeways to aid in identifying vehicles involved in criminal activities. This measure follows a significant crackdown on criminal activities in Alameda County, including increased patrols and enhanced law enforcement collaboration​ (CNShub)​.

Napa: Napa has been dealing with various property crimes. Recently, the Napa Police Department reported multiple instances of burglary and vehicle theft, with a particular emphasis on thefts from parked cars. The local authorities are increasing patrols and community outreach efforts to address these issues​ (Civic Hub)​.

Sonoma: Sonoma has also seen a rise in property crimes, particularly in residential areas. Local law enforcement has reported an increase in home break-ins and thefts, prompting a community alert and enhanced neighborhood watch programs to mitigate these crimes​ (Civic Hub)​.

Vallejo: Vallejo has experienced a mix of violent and property crimes, with recent reports highlighting several incidents of armed robbery and assault. The local police department is focusing on increasing street presence and community policing initiatives to curb these activities​ (Civic Hub)​.

Fairfield: Similar to other cities in the region, Fairfield has reported a series of vehicle-related crimes, including theft and vandalism. The police are deploying more resources to high-incident areas to deter criminal activities​ (Civic Hub)​.

Danville: Danville has maintained a relatively low crime rate, but there have been sporadic reports of property crimes such as residential burglaries and vehicle thefts. The local police department is emphasizing preventive measures and community involvement to keep crime rates low​ (Civic Hub)​.

Marin County (San Anselmo): In Marin County, particularly in towns like San Anselmo, there have been reports of theft and vandalism. The county sheriff's office is working on improving surveillance and community policing to enhance public safety​ (Civic Hub)​.

These incidents reflect ongoing efforts by local authorities to address and reduce crime through increased surveillance, community engagement, and enhanced law enforcement presence across the Bay Area.


As I hope to make time to continue educating our readers on Spade & Archer and things that may affect you, we will delve into many more nuggets you may find interesting or insightful.

We want to highlight personal, criminal, and digital issues that affect us all. I look forward to sharing a new article in a few days.

As always, please contact the Spade & Archer Detective Agency by click the link if we can be of service. Our time is limited, but we do offer a complimentary 10-minute discovery consultation. For a more in-depth consultation we charge just $50 and face-to-face consultations are $250 and this is credited to any engagement of $1250 or more.

We are here to be of service!


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