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How Spade And Archer Supports Napa Valley Law Firms: A Case Study Approach


Spade & Archer is committed to providing top-notch investigative services to law firms in Napa Valley. Our dedication to thoroughness, discretion, and local expertise ensures that our clients receive the best possible support for their legal cases.

If you are an attorney in the Napa Valley, then you have an esteemed firm already ready to assist you before, during, or after a legal matter.

In this blog post, we will explore several case studies that illustrate how Spade & Archer has successfully partnered with law firms to achieve favorable outcomes.

office at Napa law firm
Spade & Archer™ supports Napa Valley law firms before, during and after a dispute

We're Going To Bore You

So, in a world where we try to make everything sound exciting to grab your attention, I'd rather just be frank.

This article may bore you if reading simple case studies is not your jam.

The purpose is to share some real-world examples of our work and capabilities. We have a long-standing tradition of closely guarding secrets, so no names are mentioned and some facts tweaked because each case has a particulars that are much like a fingerprint and easily correlated to news articles etc. We guard that and share the round about facts.

Case Study 1: Comprehensive Background Check for a High-Stakes Litigation


A prominent Napa Valley law firm was representing a client in a high-stakes litigation involving significant financial assets. The opposing party's credibility was in question, and the law firm needed a comprehensive background check to uncover any potential red flags.

Action Taken

Spade & Archer conducted an in-depth background investigation on the opposing party, including criminal records, financial history, previous litigation involvement, and social media activity. Our team of experts used advanced investigative techniques and leveraged our extensive network to gather comprehensive information.


The investigation revealed several instances of fraudulent behavior and undisclosed financial liabilities. Armed with this information, the law firm was able to strengthen their case, negotiate a favorable settlement, and protect their client's interests.


"Spade & Archer's meticulous background check provided us with crucial evidence that was instrumental in securing a favorable outcome for our client. Their professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched." - Senior Partner, Napa Valley Law Firm

Spade & Archer office files
Our case files are from decades of experience. We have worked with over 240 law firms and solo practice attorneys

Case Study 2: Asset Investigation in a Divorce Settlement


A Napa Valley law firm was handling a complex divorce case where the client suspected that their spouse was hiding assets to avoid fair distribution. The law firm needed to locate these hidden assets to ensure an equitable settlement.

Action Taken

Spade & Archer deployed a team of investigators skilled in asset searches. We analyzed financial records, conducted surveillance, and interviewed key individuals to uncover hidden bank accounts, real estate properties, and other valuable assets.


The investigation uncovered multiple undisclosed assets, including offshore accounts and investment properties. The evidence was presented in court, leading to a fair and just settlement for the client.


"Thanks to Spade & Archer, we were able to uncover significant hidden assets, ensuring our client received their fair share in the divorce settlement. Their expertise was invaluable." - Family Law Attorney, Napa Valley Law Firm

Case Study 3: Surveillance for a Personal Injury Case


A Napa Valley law firm was representing a client in a personal injury case where the defendant claimed to be severely injured and unable to work. The law firm suspected the injury claims were exaggerated and needed evidence to support their case.

Action Taken

Spade & Archer conducted discreet surveillance on the defendant. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we monitored the defendant's daily activities to verify the extent of their injuries.


Our surveillance footage revealed the defendant engaging in physical activities that contradicted their injury claims. This evidence was crucial in court, leading to a favorable judgment for our client.


"The surveillance evidence provided by Spade & Archer was a game-changer in our case. It helped us expose the false claims and secure a victory for our client." - Personal Injury Lawyer, Napa Valley Law Firm

files sitting on desk Spade & Archer
When working for law firms, our work is supported by source documents

Case Study 4: Fraud Investigation for a Corporate Client


A corporate law firm in Napa Valley was representing a business client who suspected an employee of embezzlement. The firm needed a thorough fraud investigation to uncover the truth and gather evidence.

Action Taken

Spade & Archer's fraud investigation team conducted a comprehensive audit of the company's financial records, interviewed employees, and employed forensic accounting techniques to trace the embezzlement.


The investigation uncovered a sophisticated scheme where the employee had siphoned off funds over several years. The evidence collected by Spade & Archer led to the employee's termination and prosecution, and the client was able to recover a significant portion of the stolen funds.


Spade & Archer's expertise in fraud investigation helped us uncover a complex embezzlement issue. Their work was thorough, and their findings were critical in achieving a positive outcome for our client." - Corporate Attorney For Winery, Napa Valley Law Firm


These case studies demonstrate the invaluable support that Spade & Archer provides to Napa Valley law firms. Our comprehensive investigative services, ranging from background checks and asset investigations to surveillance and fraud detection, have consistently delivered favorable outcomes for our clients.

Law firms in Napa Valley can trust Spade & Archer to be their reliable investigative partner, ensuring their cases are backed by solid evidence and expert analysis.

If your law firm needs investigative support, contact Spade & Archer today to learn how we can assist you in achieving success for your clients.


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