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People Also Ask 

Before contacting us, you may find it helpful to understand more from our Frequently Asked Questions. These FAQs help our clients understand many topics. You can also access our blog for more helpful information.

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  • How much does a background check cost?
    We custom tailor each background check to the needs of the matter at hand. You can count on a background check starting at $416 for a good point of reference.
  • What does a background investigation cost?
    Background investigations are more in-depth and can focus on a certain area, be broad in nature or go very deep. Background investigations start at $1250.00
  • What's the differnece in a background check/investigation and criminal history?
    Criminal history investigations can be part of a background check/investigation. They can also be a stand alone service you choose to hire us for. Criminal history checks start at $400 where a basic background check starts at $600.
  • How long does a background check/investigation take?
    Depending upon the information you desire, a background check can be completed the same day. Some take longer, this is solely dependent upon how deep you wish to go. Some background investigations can take a month, but this is generally the case when we are interviewing people during the background investigation.
  • Is the background check/investigation discreet?
    100% yes. There is nothing that leaves a trail on discreet background inquiries. However, some types of background investigations need the subject's permission to go into various areas of their life or if making financial inquiries. We will advise you ahead of time if that is the case so you can decide if this is what you want.
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