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14 Types of Nationwide Background Checks

Nationwide background checks are a standard procedure carried out by employers, organizations, and individuals to verify a person's history and qualifications. The extent and depth of a background check can vary depending on the purpose and legal requirements. Our agency conducts various types of background investigations based on the specific need our clients may have. Here are some common types of background checks Spade And Archer conducts:

Criminal Record Checks

This check searches for any criminal history a person may have. It can include a check of local, state, and federal criminal records.

Employment Verification

This confirms a candidate's employment history, including where they worked, positions held, and duration of employment.

Education Verification

This process verifies the educational background claimed by the individual, including the authenticity of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and attendance dates.

Credit Checks

Employers or landlords use this to assess an individual's financial responsibility by looking at their credit history, outstanding debts, bankruptcies, and financial judgments.

Reference Checks

By contacting professional and personal references, an employer can gather information about the candidate’s performance, character, and qualifications from someone who has previously interacted with them.

Drug Screening

A drug test is often part of a background check, especially in industries where safety is critical. This test determines if an individual has illegal substances in their system.

Driving Record Checks

This type of check is vital for positions requiring driving. It includes information about a person's driving history, including licenses, traffic violations, and accident reports.

Sex Offender Registry Check

A search to determine if an individual is listed on a sex offender registry, which is important for positions involving contact with vulnerable populations.

Professional License and Certificate Checks

Verification that a person holds the professional licenses or certifications they claim and that those credentials are current and in good standing.

Social Security Validation

This ensures that the Social Security Number (SSN) provided by an applicant is valid and matches their name and birth date, confirming their identity.

Civil Court Record Checks

A search of civil litigation records to uncover any past lawsuits, which can include disputes, restraining orders, or judgments for or against the individual.

International Background Checks

For individuals who have lived, worked, or been educated in other countries, this check includes searches for criminal records, employment, and education abroad.

Terrorist Watch List Checks

This is a search to ensure the individual is not listed on any state or federal watch lists, including those for terrorism and national security.

Industry-Specific Checks

Depending on the industry, there may be additional checks required, such as for healthcare workers, educators, or financial professionals.

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Don't Wait Until After a Negative Event To Conduct a Background Check

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Evil exists. Bad motives exist. Why gamble? Conducting a background check can save you from the miserable feeling of "I should've done a background check" after a negative event.

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11 Reasons To Conduct a Background Check

Individuals may choose to conduct background checks on other people for various personal reasons, often related to safety, financial security, and establishing trust. It is this agencies position, that if one would conduct a background check when they first thought to do so, they may have saved themselves from a lot of heartache. Here are some scenarios in which a person might seek to conduct a background check on someone else:

Personal Relationships

Before entering into a personal relationship or becoming more seriously involved with someone, individuals may want to know more about the person's past, including their criminal history, marital status, or past relationships.

Child Care

Parents often conduct background checks on nannies, babysitters, and other individuals who will be caring for their children to ensure their child's safety and caregiver's reliability.

Roommates and Renting

Before moving in with a new roommate or renting out a room in their home, a person may conduct a background check to verify the potential roommate's history and ensure they are trustworthy.

Business Ventures

Individuals entering into a business venture with a new partner may use background checks to validate the trustworthiness and track record of that partner.

Legal Protection

In cases of disputes or legal confrontations, an individual might run a background check on an adversary to understand their past conduct and litigious history, which can be helpful in legal strategies.

Online Dating

With the rise of online dating, many people now conduct background checks on individuals they meet online before meeting them in person to ensure they are not misrepresenting themselves.

Neighbor Interactions

If a person has concerns about new or existing neighbors, they might want to conduct a background check to feel secure or address any concerns about potential criminal activity.

Genealogy Research

Individuals researching their family history might conduct background checks as part of their efforts to uncover information about relatives or ancestors.

Investments and Loans

Before lending money or making an investment with an individual, a lender may conduct a background check to assess the risk and financial history of the borrower.

Personal Safety

If someone feels threatened or harassed by another individual, they may perform a background check as part of ensuring their own personal safety and to take any necessary legal actions.

Hiring Services for Home or Family

When hiring individuals to work on their property or provide personal services (like coaches, tutors, or contractors), people often perform background checks to ensure the service providers do not have a concerning history.

Background Check and Background Investigations: What's The Difference?

We conduct background checks and background investigations. What's the difference between the two?

As the name implies, in any of the two circumstances, we are looking into someone's past. Perhaps to identify a particular matter or to see what may be indicative of a present or future connection to that person's past.

A background check usually is cursory in nature. We look for requested information and report that to you. Usually our background checks are less expensive because we are not connecting other dots that may be connected or shades of grey not delved into deeper.

Background investigations generally speaking, require us to look at various avenues of a person's past and dig deeper into areas of interest. We look at complex connections between persons, places and things. A background investigation is usually more expensive because of the labor that goes into producing a quality investigation.

Should I Choose a Background Check or a Background Investigation?

This question is best answered by what is at stake. Is this to ensure your child is safe with a caregiver? Is this to really know if your partner has anything they aren't telling you? Are you vetting someone for a key role in your company? 

A background investigation is the best choice for those scenarios. Where as, if you are needing basic information on someone to ensure you have a broad understanding, a background check may be in your best interest. It is a matter of risk vs. reward.

  • How much does a background check cost?
    We custom tailor each background check to the needs of the matter at hand. You can count on a background check starting at $416 for a good point of reference.
  • What does a background investigation cost?
    Background investigations are more in-depth and can focus on a certain area, be broad in nature or go very deep. Background investigations start at $1250.00
  • What's the differnece in a background check/investigation and criminal history?
    Criminal history investigations can be part of a background check/investigation. They can also be a stand alone service you choose to hire us for. Criminal history checks start at $400 where a basic background check starts at $600.
  • How long does a background check/investigation take?
    Depending upon the information you desire, a background check can be completed the same day. Some take longer, this is solely dependent upon how deep you wish to go. Some background investigations can take a month, but this is generally the case when we are interviewing people during the background investigation.
  • Is the background check/investigation discreet?
    100% yes. There is nothing that leaves a trail on discreet background inquiries. However, some types of background investigations need the subject's permission to go into various areas of their life or if making financial inquiries. We will advise you ahead of time if that is the case so you can decide if this is what you want.
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