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Asset Investigations: Find Banks, Money, Property, Investments, Collections, and More

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Discover Hidden Assets with Comprehensive Asset Search Services

In the complex financial landscape of today, assets can sometimes be obscured, concealed, or simply overlooked. Whether you are undergoing a legal battle, settling a divorce, or involved in a commercial transaction, understanding the full picture of your assets or those of others involved can be of paramount importance. Spade & Archer™, your trusted partner in asset investigation and recovery, is well-equipped to help you unravel complex financial scenarios and discover concealed assets effectively and discreetly.


Here we delve into the diverse array of asset search services we provide to our private clients:

Real Estate and Property Searches

Discover real estate holdings, property transactions, and land ownership details with our comprehensive property searches. Whether it is local, national, or international property searches, our team of experts leverages a network of databases and on-ground resources to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Financial Account Searches

Be it bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, or brokerage accounts, we can help unearth financial repositories associated with individuals or enterprises. We ensure a meticulous search process that respects privacy laws and ethical boundaries, while leaving no stone unturned.

Vehicle Registration Searches

Uncover details of ownership, registration, and transaction histories of vehicles. This service can be a vital tool in identifying assets that are sometimes overlooked.

Business Affiliation and Interest Searches

Understanding a person's or entity's stake in businesses can be a complex task. We streamline this by providing insights into business affiliations, partnerships, and directorship positions held, illuminating potential areas of asset holdings.

Intellectual Property Searches

Intellectual properties such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights can be valuable assets. Our services extend to uncovering these intangible assets, helping you have a comprehensive view of the intellectual property portfolio associated with a specific individual or business.

Personal Property Searches

From art collections to jewelry, we can help identify personal property assets that might be concealed or undervalued, providing a more complete picture of an individual's or entity's asset base.

Court and Legal Records Searches

Legal disputes, judgments, or pending litigation can have a bearing on an individual's asset situation. Our expert team can compile a detailed report on court and legal records, which might reveal undisclosed assets or liabilities.

Tailored Research and Analysis

Apart from these services, Spade & Archer offers customized solutions, adapting to the unique requirements of each case, ensuring a detailed and thorough asset search that meets your specific needs.

Confidentiality and Discretion

At Spade & Archer, we prioritize your confidentiality and operate with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your asset searches are conducted ethically and within the bounds of the law.

When you choose Spade & Archer for your asset search needs, you are choosing a partner committed to diligence, expertise, and discretion. To know more about how we can assist you in uncovering obscured assets, feel free to reach out to our team of experts who are always ready to assist you in safeguarding your interests and securing your future.

Bank building - Bank Account Searches

Bank Account Searches

With legal permissible purpose, we can find bank accounts that people attempt to hide from due process during disputes. We help law firms, private clients, and companies trace bank account assets in order to have the correct information needed to fairly and legally manage dispute resolutio

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Private can navigate the cryptocurrency space when it comes time to tracing transactions on the blockchain. Not inexpensive, but our legal and private clients realize that the cost can be dwarfed by the recovery of cryptocurrency though to be hidden.

We trace cryptocurrency - bitcoin and computer screen
safe deposit boxes investigation

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our California cyber and technology experts can help you establish secure communications. We do so with the aid of new techology, devices and training. This aids our clients to establish secure communications, and to  understand better  how to communicate to maintain privacy in their lives.

Autos, Vessels, and Aircraft

Our asset search investigations uncover hidden modes of transportation, such as marine vessels, aircraft and automobiles that have been titled in another persons name or in privacy limited liabilty companies. We trace all sorts of real property.

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real estate asset searches

Real Estate Assets

Real estate is one of the more difficult assets to trace. Obscured behind rivacy companies, often LLCs, we find real estate assets that are thought to have been well hidden.

Our secret to finding any asset, including real estate is to conduct in-depth interviews with our clients to learn the nuances of the person that is doing the asset coverup. With intricate information is how we find most of the hard to find assets that others cannot locate.

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