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We locate people you need to find for many lawful reasons.

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Starts at $416

We will locate people you need to find.  

There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges of services.

Required: Permissible purpose, subjects full name, date of birth and Social Security Number (No SSN - we can find for $40 more) and most current address you know of, and last known phone number.

Turn-Around Time: 5-7 business days

Same-Day Service $832


"We have used these guys for for 5 years now. It started when they found someone two other private investigators could not find.  Very good investigators. We provide them monthly with cases."

Leo M.  [redacted] & [redacted] , LLP

#1 For Finding
People Nationwide

We find people for any number of reasons. As California and Nationwide detectives, a great deal of work we do is to locate people. Our people locates are thorough and used multiple sources to give our clients the best possible information.

You get  30 +  years of investigative experience every time you hire us. We assist people nationally and work quickly to get you the investigative information you need. 


Do you need to find someone quickly? Are you looking to find a person to serve legal papers, find a missing heir, reunite with a loved one, or dozens of other reasons you need to locate a person?

We specialize in locating people who hide. But we can also find the people you need to discover after you waste your time on Google.

We don't use those online sources because they are far from accurate and nothing special. All those find-a-person search sites do is scrape the internet for information, but they need to be more helpful when someone is laying low or off the radar. You can try those first, especially when looking for someone like your great aunt Edna, but not for matters where a person may be challenging to locate.

Find People Same-Day Service

Other than missing persons, our standard Find People service allows us to find people the same day you hire us. We charge $632 and with very little information, we will go to work finding the person you need to find. Don't need it the same day? You can always option for our standard service for just $416 and it takes 5-7 business days.


When a loved one goes missing, panic ensues. Understandably. When hired immediately, we have a better chance of success to find your missing person. Law enforcement should be called immediately, then call us. We aid families in finding runaway children, seniors with dementia, people who are associating with bad actors, kidnappings, kidnap for ransom and errant partners. Understandably, this service is complex and requires the human resource and investigative skills needed. Missing person cases are not usually done in a day, and our retainer starts at $7,500.


Private promises to provide you quality service with very fair rates. Once we receive the information we ask for, we go to work immediately. You, like me, want the job done quickly and accurately. We promise to do that. We will utilize our in-house data providers to scour hundreds of millions of data points to ensure we are tracing the correct person. Then from there, we will connect the dots with thousands more data points that all lead to the person we are looking for. We will complete the mission with a brief report and provide context surrounding the specific data you are looking for. All of this starts at just $416.

Should you have more complex matters, we will then tell you. We will attempt to tell you this at the outset, but sometimes we don't know until we begin the work. If your matter becomes more complex we can layer solutions such as OSINT (open-source intelligence) which deep dives into millions more open-source options that could lead us in the right direction.

We can also follow-up all our work by putting eyes on the actual person through an activity check, well-visit or surveillance.



We can locate information on anyone, nationwide or locally. We will need some basic information then begin the investigation. We can look for people in the backcountry of Alaska. We can search for a person in Florida, New York, Hawaii, Canada, Texas, California –– you name it, we can find them! Need to find someone in Mexico or Canada? We can do that too. Using our comprehesive sources, we will find people in South East Asia, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean Islands, West Indies, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and more!



Many people are moving out of their current State and into other states. Much of the reason is due to the economic hardships of living in their present State, such as California, where it is exorbitantly expensive to live. Some of the top States people are moving to have very little corporate or business tax, such as Texas and Florida. And, for some, it is because they are escaping high State taxes and moving somewhere like Tennessee where you can still live well and pay no income tax at the State level.


Whatever the reason is, these top states (Florida, Texas, Tennessee) are where we locate people in many instances. Not always, but we often find them in one of these if they have left their current State.

Why Hire A Private Investigator To Locate a Person?

When you buy insufficient data online, you need a professional to validate that data. You take it as gospel when it is open-source information that anyone can buy. It is not comprehensive data like we use that we must be licensed private investigators to access. Our data sources also require full vetting of our firm.


  • We access hundreds of millions of records that are not publicly available.

  • We cross-check information against many sources.

  • We have access to utility information.

  • We have access to cell phone data.

  • We have access to driver's license data.

  • We have access to license plate recognition.

  • We have access to vehicle registration data.

  • Plus, we have access to multiple other channels we have created and contacts we have after decades of experience.


Private Investigators Get Answers 


Private investigators are how people have obtained information on people for the last 200 years, and we will continue to do so. There is no concern that private investigators will go by the wayside because of technology. It is why we continue to work and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of personal, business, and legal issues.

We want to help.

Contact us now!

We are experts at finding people. Our people locates start at just $416.

If you are serious about finding a person, contact us now! We promise to get in touch within just a few hours.

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No Data Dump Guarantee

When you go to those buy-here-pay-here proverbial used car dealership style people locate websites, you are being data dumped on. Data dump is when your just given data with no context. Sure, they have pretty packaging, but very little context. Some private investigators data dump too. This means that they look for information, but again do not look at the intelligence around what they are giving you. Therefore, it is a data dump.

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