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Find People - People Locate Service

Track a deadbeat parent; find a person you need to sue in court; locate a long-lost friend or loved one. When Google just isn't cutting it, we waste no time in getting you bonafide results in just 2 days.

We search for people you need to find - Spade & Archer™

Find People - Skip Trace Prices

Please note these are not the prices for working on missing persons cases. Missing persons retainers are from $5,000.


From  $416

From our office we will conduct a person locate investigation. This level of research is good for:

- Reuniting friends

- Finding family members

- Locating a person for a legal matter

- Finding a deadbeat parent

Turn-Around Time: 2-5 business days

Rush / Same-Day Service $832

No Refunds / No Exchanges

Arrange a Complimentary Consultation

Find People Fast Spade & Archer Detective Agency

#1 For Finding
People Nationwide

We find people for any number of reasons. As California and Nationwide detectives, a great deal of work we do is to locate people. Our people locates are thorough and used multiple sources to give our clients the best possible information.

You get  30 +  years of investigative experience every time you hire us. We assist people nationally and work quickly to get you the investigative information you need. 

Find People Fast: Professional People Location Services

Are you trying to locate someone quickly? Whether you need to serve legal papers, find a missing heir, reunite with a loved one, or for any other reason, our expert team of licensed private investigators is here to help.

Our Specialties:

  • Locating elusive individuals

  • Finding people when online searches fail

  • Same-day and standard search options

  • Missing person investigations

  • Nationwide and international searches


Why Choose Our Professional People-Finding Service?

Comprehensive Data Access: We go beyond basic internet searches, utilizing proprietary databases and resources not available to the public.

Rapid Results: Our same-day service can locate individuals within 24 hours for $832. For less urgent needs, our standard 5-7 day service is available for $416.

Expert Investigators: Our licensed private investigators have decades of experience and a proven track record of success.

Nationwide and International Reach: We can find people anywhere in the United States and many international locations.

Tailored Solutions: From simple searches to complex missing person cases, we adapt our approach to meet your specific needs.

Private Investigator People Finding Services

No Data Dump - No AI - Real Human Private Investigator Providing Context

When you go to those buy-here-pay-here proverbial used car dealership style people locate websites, you are being data dumped on. Data dump is when your just given data with no context. Sure, they have pretty packaging, but very little context. Some private investigators data dump too. This means that they look for information, but again do not look at the intelligence around what they are giving you. Therefore, it is a data dump.

"Thanks to your team, I was able to reconnect with my long-lost sister after 20 years. Your efficiency and discretion were truly impressive." - Sarah T.

"As an attorney, I rely on fast and accurate information for serving legal documents. Your same-day service has been a game-changer for my practice." - Michael R., Esq.

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