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Since 2002 we have helped people legally disappear, gain more anonymity, fight digital surveillance and strategically relocate. We begin each engagement with a professional consultation. Our fees for privacy consultations are $995.

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Privacy Consultations Start At $995


Cloaked™ services has been providing people with greater privacy and anonymity since 2002. The first service of it's type, Cloaked™ will help you focus on a safer life without compromising your identity, security and anonymity. Our privacy services will help you legally disappear, create private businesses, establish pseudo identities (legally) and strategically relocate anywhere in the world.

Tactical Approaches to Privacy and Security

Cloaked™ offers a suite of tools and services designed to enhance online and offline anonymity for our clients. By implementing advanced programs and techniques we can assist you in ensuring your life stays private. 

Privacy Consulting and Training Services


Consult With Us

We help any client gain the degree of protection that privacy can bring.

  • Celebrities

  • Journalists

  • Stalking Victims

  • Domestic Violence Victims

  • Politicians

  • Activists

  • Influencers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Privacy-Minded Individuals

  • Whistleblowers

  • High-Stakes Media Issue

Cloak and Dagger Privacy Phone

A Cloak and Dagger™ is a potent combination of protection and security. Keep your life private from digital surveillance.  A"privacy phone" refers to a mobile phone specifically designed to protect user privacy and enhance security. These phones feature:

Enhanced Security Features: We have built-in security measures that go beyond what standard smartphones offer. This includes advanced encryption, secure boot processes, and frequent security updates.

Privacy-focused Operating Systems: Many privacy phones run on specialized operating systems optimized for privacy. These systems might limit data sharing with third parties, offer robust permission controls for apps, and reduce exposure to tracking.

Minimal Data Collection: Unlike mainstream smartphones, privacy phones often collect minimal data about the user. They might not require a Google or Apple account and offer alternatives to services known for data collection.

Secure Communication Apps: They often come pre-installed with secure messaging and calling apps that offer end-to-end encryption.

Restricted App Ecosystem: To prevent privacy leaks, these phones  restrict access to mainstream app stores or apps known for tracking user data.

These phones cater to users who are particularly concerned about their digital privacy and are willing to trade some functionality or convenience for increased security and data protection.

privacy phones

Cloak & Dagger Privacy Phones Are Now Shipping

The Dichotomy 

Three-plus decades of investigative services and two-plus decades of privacy services has taught us a lot about how to make your life more private.

Yes, you may see this as a dichotomy; how can people that know how to find information possibly protect me? It is precisely the reason we are the best at what we do in protecting your privacy.

Because we have found information on people, businesses, and assets, we know how information is used. Better yet, we know how to protect you from private investigators, lawyers, and nosey people looking to find information on you.

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