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Nationwide private investigators helping you win favorable divorce and family law related disputes. We are the Divorce Detectives™. We specialize in helping California families navigate complex family law matters with our preeminent private investigation services. We focus on cases where our clients are dealing with divorce and all the things that go with divorce, such as child custody, finding marital assets, spousal support, and unfaithful partners.

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Divorce Detective Story

We have conducted, around 3,000 divorce related investigations. Most have been centered around infidelity, finding divorce asset searches, child custody cases, spousal support and infidelity.


There are thousands of California private investigators, but only one DivorceDetectives™.  We work hard to help people going through uncertainties obtain greater sense of direction. We are empathetic to the issues you face and the challenges that may lay ahead.

We are an association of private detectives that create custom plans to help our clients before, during, and after dissolution of marriage.

DivorceDetectives™ by Private has one sole mission, to help people with family law matters that are caused out of dissolution of marriage.

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“I used divorce detectives and I was very pleased. Not the cheapest but I don't believe it could be done any other way."

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U.S. Divorce Rate:


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Why Do Marriages End In Divorce?

Here are some common reasons a marriage may end in divorce:

  • Growing apart. Growing usually denotes a good thing, but growing apart is just a "feel good" term used to say that there is no longer any interest in honoring ones commitment.

  • Extramarital affairs or infidelity is a fancy way of saying they cheat. Again, no honor, just selfish gain.

  • Lack of commitment means that they just gave up, or don't really care.

  • Financial problems can lead to one or the other resenting their marriage mate.

  • Disagreements related to children which can include religion and lifestyles. It is especially difficult for step-parents.

  • Alcohol or drug abuse is a leading contributor to divorce. Mental health issues play a big part in substance abuse.

  • Domestic violence and abuse are strong catalysts for divorce, and rightly so. If you are facing domestic threats, contact us.

  • Constant arguing and conflict over everything and nothing is an indicator that your partner is nit-picking and no longer interested in maintaining the marriage.

  • Differing lifestyles and values is another fly-by-night way of saying that your partner no longer wants the same thing and will just treat your marriage as disposable refuse when they get a whim to go in some far flung direction.

California Divorce Detectives Statistics

Types of disputes that people hire divorce attorney for -

When People Hire Lawyers

The types of disputes that people hire divorce attorneys for are shown to the left. This is also around the same time that people hire DivoreceDetectives.

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The Cost

Divorce attorneys on average are $14,000 for a full-scope divorce. However, the emotional cost can be far more damaging than the financial impact.


Average First Divorce Age

30 is the average age that someone goes through their first divorce.


Percent Who Hire Divorce Attorney

57% percent of people in a survey hired a full-scope divorce attorney. 10% hired just in a consultative role. 33% represented their own divorces.

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3 Reasons People Divorce




California Divorce Asset Searches

We help our California private clients and family law firms locate assets during divorce negotiations, or after divorce that may provide an opportunity to rightfully collect what our clients' are due.

Our Divorce Detectives™ services provide several sought after expert private investigation services. Asset investigations is our second most desired service when our clients are facing challenging family matters.

We locate assets that may prove your partner has perjured themselves before the court. We find assets before your partner ever knows you were looking. We find assets during trials and during negotiations so that you have leverage at the bargaining table. No matter when you want us to locate divorce assets or, assets for child custody cases, and spousal support matters, we can begin immediately.

We locate divorce assets for the following cases:

  • Before you file for dissolution of marriage (divorce).

  • During disputes about your divorce to give your legal case strong merit.

  • After a divorce when your ex-partner may be hiding assets that you have been awarded.

  • During child support or child custody cases.

  • During or after alimony (spousal support). This can help reduce or increase spousal support, depending on what your needs are.

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