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Intellectual  Property

Uncovering Infringements, Protecting Innovations.

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Intellectual Property Investigation Services

At Spade & Archer™, we specialize in comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation Services. Our expert team is dedicated to uncovering IP infringements and safeguarding the innovative creations of our clients. We understand the value of your intellectual assets and are committed to protecting them against unauthorized use and exploitation.

AttorNey-Led, Investigator Powered

As an attorney-led intellectual property investigation firm, Spade & Archer™ offers a unique and highly specialized service that stands at the intersection of legal expertise and investigative proficiency.


Our team, led by seasoned attorneys well-versed in IP law, brings a comprehensive understanding of the legal nuances involved in intellectual property cases. This legal acumen, combined with our investigators' skills in gathering and analyzing evidence, ensures that our investigations are not only thorough but also aligned with legal strategies and compliance requirements.


Our attorney-led approach enables us to offer insightful counsel on potential legal actions, anticipate and mitigate legal risks, and provide robust support in litigation scenarios. We pride ourselves on being a firm that not only uncovers the facts but also understands the legal implications of those facts, providing our clients with a tactical advantage in protecting their intellectual assets.

IP Investigation Services

Trademark Infringement Investigations

Our team conducts thorough investigations into potential trademark violations. We employ advanced surveillance techniques and digital tools to identify counterfeit products, unauthorized use of trademarks, and misleading representations in the marketplace. We provide comprehensive reports and evidence to support legal actions against infringers.

Patent Analysis and Enforcement

Spade & Archer™ offers expert analysis of patents to identify possible infringements. Our services include detailed research into product offerings and patents in various industries to ensure your inventions remain protected. We assist in enforcing patent rights and can provide support in patent litigation cases.

Counterfeit Product Tracking

Counterfeiting is a serious threat to businesses and consumers. Our team excels in tracking down counterfeit products, tracing their distribution channels, and identifying the sources. We work closely with law enforcement and legal teams to remove these products from the market and take appropriate legal action.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

In mergers, acquisitions, and investments, understanding the IP portfolio's value and risks is crucial. Our IP due diligence service provides a comprehensive analysis of IP assets, ensuring informed decision-making and safeguarding against potential IP-related liabilities.

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