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Money & Assets

You are likely reading this because you need to find someone's assets. We are asset investigators and can help you in preparation for any legal proceeding by locating, validating and identifying many assets that may help you get what you deserve.


One of our most sought out service is to help our clients prepare for imminent divorce by conducting an in-depth asset search into what they may have or what they may be obscuring from their partner.

Believe it or not, client's tell us they "know" their partner is not hiding anything, but we find assets still. These days it is very easy to open accounts and no single person is the wiser. Statements are sent to their email, and money is moved around or otherwise not accounted for.

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Here are some divorce related asset investigations we conduct:

  • Locate any bank accounts any where in the world - we will create a custom plan for your situation;

  • Find any business they may have ownership in;

  • Locate any real estate anywhere in the world that they may have purchased through shell company or their personal name;

  • Identify life insurance policies

  • Plus other possible custom approaches

Call us now to speak about a divorce preparation investigation approach (888) 867-6788.

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Do you have a deadbeat parent who is not paying their fair share?

We help parents get what their child deserves through the following asset investigations:

  • Locate parents current employment

  • Show an earning history from previous employment

  • Find all checking, savings and investment accounts

  • Find money hidden in their new partners names

  • Find money in business accounts they set up.

We can help you locate a parents assets for the pursuit of justice in your child support and custody case.

Call us now to speak about a child custody and support investigation approach (888) 867-6788.

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When you need to know more before, during or after litigation we are the private investigators that can get it done quickly. We help private persons and law firms prepare and respond to legal actions with in-depth asset investigation services. We can help you find:

  • Bank accounts anywhere in the world

  • Collections

  • Automobiles

  • Real estate

  • Shell companies

  • Sources of employment

  • Life insurance policies

  • Business partnerships

  • Aircraft and sailing vessels worldwide

  • Equipment

  • Intellectual property

  • And more!

Our services have been a source even for State and Federal agencies. We are professionals at asset investigations worldwide.

Call us now to speak about a custom asset investigation approach (888) 867-6788.

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