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Asset Searches: Why Look?

Asset search and investigation has always been a staple service for private investigators. You may be asking, "Why should I have an asset investigation completed?" "How will an asset search help me?"

What is an Asset Investigation?

Let's start with a basic understanding: What is an asset investigation? Simply put, we conduct asset searches that help us find things of value to aid you in your legal matter.

An asset investigation may comprise of following a money trail, a paper trail or other forms of hidden or obscured clues that may lead us to finding real estate, collections, stocks, investments, bank accounts, boats, airplanes and business equipment.

Why Should I Have an Asset Search Conducted?

Asset searches are conducted for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you are in a legal dispute and need to know if pursuing litigation will aid in financial recovery. Or, perhaps you are contemplating divorce and want to know before you spill the beans whether your significant other has assets unknown to you — a smart strategy. Or, perhaps you are entering a business relationship and want to know if your business partner has collateral that helps to stabilize the agreement.

An asset search is something that makes dollars and cents. It makes sense to know before you enter a relationship or during a dispute. Asset investigations help refute false claims and can greatly benefit any personal, business or legal matter.

What Does An Asset Investigation Cost?

Prices vary widely and are dependent upon how fast the information is needed, what information is needed, how much time it will take to collect the information, whether source documents are required, etc.

Generally speaking, an asset investigation where we are looking for real property are from $500 and up. If we are looking for stocks and investments our prices start at $2500. Bank searches to enforce a judgement generally start at $2500.

When To Get an Asset Search Started

You want to start an asset search, hopefully, prior to engaging in anything that has to do with money. In addition, you may even consider a background check at the same time, depending upon the arrangement in your matter.

Asset investigations are better done quietly. My asset search investigations are never known by our subjects. We want to find the assets prior to someone closing accounts, moving money and placing assets into someone else name.

The time to start an asset investigation is now. Don't wait because it can only make matters more complicated.


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