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Cybersecurity @ Home

Receive the benefits of our cybersecurity solutions at your home office or small business. Cybersecurity often keep clients at an arms length by conducting cybersecurity only from their office. See how our cybersecurity is different.

Cybersecurity @ Home (or business)

Where appropriate, PRIVATE will come to your home office or business and provide cybersecurity services. Our focus is on the San Francisco Bay Area, however, we serve all of California with contract cybersecurity.

Benefits of Hiring PRIVATE for Cybersecurity in the San Francisco Bay Area

We offer more than most cybersecurity agencies. Most cybersecurity providers can only offer services from their offices. We feel it is important to put our boots on the ground in your home-based office or small business. Here are a few benefits to hiring PRIVATE Cyber:

  • We are local to the Bay Area

  • We come to you!

  • We are licensed private investigators and can legally investigate any cyber crimes

  • We have certified cybersecurity on our team (in-house)

  • We can handle additional technology issues with your home or office network, including issues that are not security related

  • You meet a real cyber professional and can tangibly see work being performed

  • We have quick response to cyber or technology issues

Where Areas of San Francisco Bay Area Does PRIVATE Serve?

The San Francisco Bay Area is a large area, but we serve the entirety of the Bay Area which includes:

  • Napa

  • Sonoma

  • Santa Rosa

  • Marin

  • San Francisco

  • Concord

  • Walnut Creek

  • Fairfield

  • Oakland

  • Fremont

  • Redwood City

  • San Jose

  • and cities in between

Cybersecurity Architecture

Our cyber team can design, build and manage a secure system for any home office or business. We have the knowledge on how to build a system that serves your specific needs. You will not pay more than you should for systems you do not need.

Cybersecurity Pricing

Our prices start at $600 and will depend upon complexities of what we need to do. Our clients pay the $600 for the cyber security expert to come to your location and provide a certain portion of work and advisement. You can then select a la carte services while our cyber professional is there with you. He can conduct those technology tasks while on-site or schedule a return date to assist you.

Don't contact a regular IT person when you can have an actual IT Cybersecurity professional come to your home or office with expertise and proper advice—all backed by our licensed professional detective firm.

For a free over the phone cybersecurity consultation, please call us at (888) 867-6788.