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Relationships & Child Custody/Support

In today's world, we seem to have taken the most innocent of things, such as love and destroyed it, twisted it for our own selfish desires and hurt innocent persons along the way.

Read more to see how we can help with cheating partners, child custody and dating scams.


We have decades of experience in helping our clients sort various dating, romance, marriage, family, child related matters. We know what can be done and what cannot and we will offer you the most honest advice to get you on the way to knowing more during a one of life's challenges.


One family matter that our clients hire us for is when they are facing uncertainty in their marriage or long term relationship. They have many questions once they start feeling that their partner is going in an opposite direction. We help answer those questions. No doubt you are reading this because you need a private investigator to dig a little deeper and provide you with clarity and understanding.

We are empathetic to your fears, frustrations and feelings of uncertainty. We help our clients understand the reality of the situation that may be unfolding. If you feel your partner is being unfaithful, we want to help.

We help by creating important avenues of investigation that may answer the following:

  • Are they with someone else?

  • Who are they cheating on me with?

  • Who keeps calling them?

  • Has my partner hidden familial assets such as bank accounts from me?

  • And, many more questions can be answered when you suspect someone is cheating.

We will create a custom plan to help you know more, and to aid in your legal case to get what you deserve.

Call us now for a free case evaluation by telephone (707) 908-8226.

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We help clients understand more when they are embarking into a new relationship that is not yet marriage. With the Internet, more and more people are meeting Online and it has pitfalls and trappings that we can help you stay away from. Or, if you have met someone locally, do you really, really know that they are not someone with bad motives? We help answer questions when you begin dating someone with some of the following services:

  • Identity verification

  • Address history - where have they really lived in their adult years?

  • Criminal history - DUI's, arrests, restraining orders, felony, abuse, etc.

  • Are they really divorced, or ever been married?

  • Does their story really add up?

  • Income verification and job validation

  • Education verification

  • And more!

Don't take the chance to be involved with some one with sketchy stories, scary pasts and convoluted explanations. We can help you know what ever you feel you need to make a safe and right decision.

Call us now for a free case evaluation by telephone (707) 908-8226.

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We help our clients through our investigative means know more about the situation their precious children are exposed to. We will help you gain greater clarity in your child custody an support cases with the following services:

  • Is your child being well taken care of?

  • Is the parent paying their child support?

  • Is your child's living conditions good?

  • Is the other parent just dropping them off with someone else?

  • Does the other parent really have a job?

  • Is the other parent lying about income and bank accounts?

Don't skimp on giving your child the best life possible. Let us help you validate the other parents statements, see if they are providing well for your child and ensure that they are following court orders.

Call us now for a free case evaluation by telephone (707) 908-8226.

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