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Technology—Computers, phones, hidden cameras and listening devices

In modern times, technology is at the forefront of investigations. We routinely conduct investigations that help our client understand privacy intrusions, malicious attacks, stalking, harassment and more.

We offer a few services that help our clients navigate complex technological issues. With our own in-house cyber security technician we are capable of helping our clients with the following key concerns.


We can help find evidence on devices. We can expertly dig through PCs, Apple computers and all mobile phones to track down evidence to help make a strong case. Some work we can complete on-site without taking the equipment to our lab. Other times we take your equipment when a deeper dive is needed to get the complete picture on a technology investigation.

Call us now at (888) 867-6788 to get a free consultation about your mobile device or computer forensics project.

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We can ensure your home office is secure as we provide comprehensive security audits and reporting to clients small and large. Whether you are a person with a small home office or you are running an entire business and need the latest in network security services, PRIVATE can provide anyone with best practices with design, build and management of cyber security services.

Call us now at (888) 867-6788 to get a free consultation about cyber security services.

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The industry refers to checking for hidden cameras, listening devices and other electronic intrusions as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). We provide an affordable level of that service saving you vast sums of money. Deep dives into TSCM can cost $20,000 per day for a sweep team, but we have found over the years that the majority of our clients will benefit from a paired down service that we have used to help law firms, celebrities and average people have peace-of-mind.

We can save you money and clarify whether we believe your home or business has been surreptitiously intruded upon.

Call us now at (888) 867-6788 to get a free consultation about Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

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