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What Email and Messaging Services Are Trusted By Private Investigators?

As technology continuously expands its limitations, companies evolve, products are developed, minds are persuaded, and we, the consumer, receive new options for our privacy and security. This is a 2024 update as to the services a private investigator would recommend to a client who wishes to have more privacy in their communications.

Email is inherently insecure. It should not be relied on for confidential communications, unless it is encrypted end-to-end. Learn more about our recommended email, direct from a private investigator.

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The Most Secure Email Recommended By Private Investigator

What email and private messaging apps are trusted by private investigation agencies? Obviously, private investigators work in secrecy. Because a private investigator must maintain client confidentiality many private investigation firms are using end-to-end encrypted services. For email, Proton is the privacy oriented email of choice. For secure messaging, calls, and video chats, XPAL is the encrypted messaging app of choice.

I promise to share with you more about the email of choice for some private investigators, but first, please build upon your understanding with a few paragraphs that paint the picture.

The Problem With Email Security

Email is not secure. Period. Did you get the emphasis? In a study conducted by University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (read your techy heart out) tells us that 20% of Gmail accounts were attacked. This is significant and cannot be understated. Although Gmail has grown in the past few years, since this study, the threat is real. Some 700,000 email servers were studied in the joint research between UIAC and University of Michigan. It was found that in the 700,000, 35% had no encryption technology.

It was also observed by computer scientists at the University of California San Diego (another techy paper) "The vast majority of email users continue to send email in the clear, with no safeguards against eavesdropping, tampering, or forgery. Despite rising public concern about mass surveillance, universal end-to-end email security still remains elusive."

The Secrets Private Investigators Keep

People have been hiring private investigators since 1833 when VIDOCQ opened the first detective agency in Paris, France. When Vidocq started, he primarily began in pursuit of the fraudsters who were defrauding local commerce, the businesses of Paris. He quickly began collecting thousands of clients who had all sorts of issues. This involved his private investigation practice in myriads of personal, legal and business matters.

Monsieur Vidocq's first method of private communication was an anti-counterfeiting paper that he had invented and patented, that he had told people no one could bypass his security paper.

Let's take a brief look at the matters private investigators keep confidential.

Confidential Personal & Familial Secrets

Professional private investigators help private clients such as families with private investigation services. These need to remain private in order for a private detective to have a reputation of integrity. P.I.s might uncover infidelity in a marriage. They may verify a background of a new partner. They may help resolve a child custody matter and any number of discreet and confidential personal matters including information on the children.

Private clients share the most intimate of details regarding their sex life, the bad habits of their partner, their mental health concerns and deep, dark fears. We appreciate a client's forthrightness because, often, this helps us to understand the big picture.

We guard these secrets and never share them in any way shape or form.

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Personal Matters Need to Stay Private

Confidential Business Matters

Often, private investigates commercial matters. These may be cases that deal with the possible ethics of a business associate, or the protection of trade secrets or other intellectual property. Perhaps we are vetting the background of a board member or a C-suite executive manager. We also may be conducting due diligence of a competitor, where if the secret got out, could damage our client's business reputation.

These are all reasons to maintain the strictest of confidentiality when it comes to personal information on current and previous clients.

Legal Cases

Costly legal cases can give our clients' a huge increase to their stress level. We use our expertise as detectives to help lawyers and those facing legal conflicts with various investigation needs that may go beyond the surface and probe into strictly confidential areas that move forward legal cases for the better or for the worse. As objective investigators our job is to deliver facts and these facts may be protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

Confidential Private Investigation Services

We have briefly established that when hiring a private investigator, sharing personal, business and legal details is par for the course. It just goes with the territory for a private detective to listen carefully to their clients issues so that they can find the correct way to address them. It is as if we are the older sibling, parent, best friend, counselor and priest all in one.

Because people need a private investigator to carry these secrets to their grave, P.I.s need to give clients peace of mind when dealing with their communications and storage of emails from clients email address.

Hire Private Investigators That Protect Your Email Address

This firm is a little different than others in our investigative world. We were the first, beginning in 2002 to offer privacy services. This stemmed from an investigation we conducted and one of our investigators needed some protection from the people he testified against and the Witness Protection program was not an option. We then started digging into all the ways we could assist him and ensure his security. From there we worked for celebrities and CEOs of companies, some of which were under social attacks for their differing views on certain social topics.

Some private investigators are very sloppy in the service they provide. They may inadvertently share personal matters with someone that they believe is part of your case via email misspellings or typos. Some have been known to sell or otherwise poorly manage customer data through email marketing lists.

We don't market to anyone via email. So, you are not in danger of anyone ever even knowing you were considering a private investigator. This comes at a cost, because email lists can be very lucrative to market to.

Modern Email Is Getting Better For Private Detectives